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When Should You Get Your Driveway Sealed?

Driveway Sealed

As the seasons come and go, the temperature begins to change, causing unwanted damages to your driveway. Don’t let another winter pass without sealing and caring for your driveway. Take the extra time and be precautious of your driveway to maintain its looks, value, and durability. Read below to learn when it’s time to get your driveway sealed. 

When To Seal Your Driveway 

A little upkeep is generally a good idea and an even better way to hold your item’s true value. Sealing your driveway is a great example of a way a little upkeep can go a long way. The best time to start sealing is during the summer because temperature plays a big part in the type of sealer used. 

  • Inspect for Damage: Inspect your driveway for any knicks, cracks, or any other unwanted damage. It may seem obvious, but this is generally the right time to contact a driveway contractor. Cracks and other damages could be a bigger problem that you can’t see on the surface! 
  • Protective Seal Coating: After inspecting your driveway for any breakage you may decide the time to seal is now. Contractors can provide your driveway with a protective seal coating. Protective seal coating is coal/tar or coal/asphalt blend that protects the asphalt from damage, perfect for lengthening the life of the driveway.
  • When to Reseal: Overall, concrete and asphalt driveways need to be resealed every 5 years, depending on the climate. During the summer, seal on days that are less humid but still with high temperatures. Never reseal when the temperature is below 40℉. If you own a business, you may want to wait for a less busy time in the day so there won’t be any traffic issues due to any drying protective seal coating. After sealing the first coat, wait till it’s dry enough to walk on before applying more. Now, every 6 months or longer, you can reseal your driveway! 
  • Driveway Care & Crack Maintenance: Take care of cracks and pressure wash your driveway regularly. It doesn’t matter the size of the crack, even small cracks in your driveway needs to be taken care of immediately. Eventually, all cracks will need to be sealed, you wouldn’t want your driveway to damage to your vehicle and rack up a bigger bill.

Hire a professional to see if your driveway needs work right away or if there’s a bigger issue that could cause a much larger problem in the long-run. Either way, it’s a great way to keep your driveway clean and to ensure your driveway lasts a long time. Get quality asphalt paving from Charlie’s Paving Inc. in NJ! We specialize in residential driveway paving, commercial parking lot paving, concrete and Belgium block curbs, seal coating, and hot tar crack filling. Visit our website at to set up your appointment today for a free evaluation and estimate! And give us a call at 908-799-3062!