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Rock It With Asphalt Maintenance

asphalt maintenance

Newly applied asphalt surfaces begin to wear over time, breaking down as they are continuously exposed to elements such as water, sunlight, and environmental chemicals. 

Extreme heat and cold doesn’t help the cause, causing asphalt to expand and contract in a never-ending cycle that eventually causes cracks. These fissures need to be sealed to prevent further deterioration. Left unsealed, cracks can widen over time, beginning a series of problems that could leave you with the need to replace your asphalt before its time. For example, cracks allow water the chance to reach the road base, eroding the supporting structure, leading to ground shifts that cause potholes and structural failure.

The liquid blacktop that holds the materials together begins to lose its natural resistance to water, allowing it to penetrate beneath the surface. When this happens, the pavement falls victim to a chain of different types of deterioration,  including cracks and potholes. Asphalt repairs and prevention will increase the longevity of any asphalt surface. Sealing asphalt cracks can also be beneficial.

There are several repair and maintenance measures that can help increase the life of your pavement and save the cost of early replacement:

Crack sealing is not only a popular form of maintenance but also one of the most required pieces of maintenance. Crack sealant is comprised of a hot-poured rubberized material that seals cracks up to 1 inch wide.

Sealcoating: A coating is applied to protect against oxidation, water, sun, oil, and gasoline.

Bonding: A coating treatment, also known as “tack” coat that helps asphalt layers stick together. It glues an asphalt overlay to the asphalt layer below.

Chip sealing: Sealing cracks and applying a stress-absorbing membrane for a waterproof seal.

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