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Protective Seal Coating

Protective Seal Coating

Installing a new driveway, although a worthy and necessary investment, can be expensive – maximize your investment with a protective sealant coating. A seal coat is a coal/tar or coal/ asphalt mix that protects your asphalt from outside forces. As soon as your driveway is complete, it becomes impacted by an array of elements including UV radiation, vehicle fluids, water and more. Installing a protective seal coating over asphalt is an easy way to protect your investment. Here are some additional benefits sealant coating can provide: 

Lifetime – The biggest reason to get protective sealant is that it extends the lifetime of the pavement by filling surface damage and acting as a protective layer. The sealant helps resist oxidation from the sun. As soon as the pavement sets, the oxidation process begins and quickly damages your asphalt. Anything done to slow down this process is worthwhile. The sealant also helps in the winter by causing snow and ice to melt faster.

Attractiveness – Sealant keeps your asphalt looking nice. Some customers actually apply sealant to their driveways every year to keep it looking good. Improve your “curb appeal” by making a good first impression with asphalt sealant. If you are noticing that your driveway is looking gray and bland, it may be time for a protective seal. 

Save money – Adding a protective seal is much less expensive than a new driveway. A properly maintained and sealed driveway will end up saving you money on lowered repair costs. Your driveway can deteriorate quickly, so it is important to act soon! 

Get the most out of your investment! No matter how many nice cars sit on your driveway,  cracked, dull and faded pavement never looks good. A poorly maintained driveway is detrimental to how your entire home looks. New sealant will keep your driveway looking good for years to come.  If you have paving needs, trust the professionals at Charlie’s paving. We specialize in residential driveway paving, commercial parking lot paving, concrete and Belgium block curbs, seal coating, and hot tar crack filling. For a free estimate, visit our website or call us at 908-799-3062.